''Talking Dolls'' .... A Brilliant Movie

A movie Set in the Heart of London, Kent & Essex
Jucilino Levis Albano

Talking Dolls &
Grand Premiere in London


Grace Ilori


I found the script intriguing as it highlighted various tabooed subjects in our society that many people shy away from. Incest, promiscuity, passions and regrets
My role as a costumier was interesting because I had the opportunity to work with new people who had very different personalities. At worst the pressure came on at times but in the end, it was worth the sweat



Barbara Toschi

Assistant Director / Planner

Working with the director and producer was a great experience for me and my career.


Vera Rebecca

Make-Up Artist

Upon reading the script, I was excited about the movie and I must say I wasn't disappointed with the delivery from both the cast and the crew members, every single person  was assiduous. The story depicts what is happening in our society today. And I am glad to be a part of history in the making.