''Talking Dolls'' .... A Brilliant Movie

When love is true, a relationship is living magis in unity passion thrives until the heart is betrayed and in darkness the heart births a catastrophe.

Victoria Inyama


Had the awesome privilege of chilling with some cast & crew of #talkingdollsthemovie. Spell binding suspense # it didn't have to be that way #can't wait to see the full movie ❤

Mike Olusola - Mikes Comedy

My first movie, and I had a blast, I remembered a scene where the director said ''CUT" and I just wanted to continue....You need to see this movie to know what I mean.

      Marie Gomez-Sarkis      


The script is mind blowing as it includes (drinking, drug use, sexual assaults) and one strength of the story is its portrayal of infidelity and typical situations we are faced with or know someone who may have been in similar situation. My goal was to interpret Ireti’s character, and I loved working with my favorite actors in the industry, people who are great fun to work with yet also extremely talented. This is the best cast I have ever worked with and I think we are creating something really special.

Hannah Komboye

“ It takes a whole lot to make a great movie, but for me, I believe there are two key requirements that can not be compromised - 1. A Superb Script/ Screenplay. 2. A Great Team (Cast/Crew)... Talking Dolls has both! I rejected three jobs to be on this project, Its probably one of the best decisions I've made this year!.”

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Daniel K Daniel